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1,Inscan Technology--higher operation efficiency, more patient care and innovative application Inscan Technology is developed by Mindray, it consits of dual operating mode which allows radiologists to perform the scanning inside the shielding room or in the console room as they wish. While the traditional MRI can only perform scanning in the console room. Mindray is the pioneer of Inscan technology in MRI operating system in the world. 10.4 "TFT true color touch screen 1)Saving at least 30% scanning time for positioning inside the shielding room, scanning, image preview. 2) Removing the patients’ sense of isolation and insecurity and bringing much more care to patients. when Radiologists perform the scanning inside the shielding room along with patients. 3)Simultaneously displaying scanning image with the console, bring great convenience in intervention surgery without additional display screens. Besides,Display patient information and vital signs …………………Positioning Scan …………………Start scanning beside the patient table …………………Contrast Enhanced scanning can be synchronized with contrast agent injection. 2,The most OPEN MRI more patient comfort and more space for surgery 1)Affinity C-shape magnets, creating a maximum of openness 2)330°OPEN offer a maximum vision for patients, especially leave much space comfort for obese patients, minimizing claustrophobia of your patients and providing more space for MR intervention surgery. 3.Performance Stability Operation Economically 1)High-precision temperature control magnet technology ensure high stability of the magnetic field without need for expensive dedicated air-conditioning 2)Real-time monitor: temperature of the magnet, gradient coils, spectrometer, RF amplifiers, gradient amplifiers, water-cooled gradient unit can be real-time monitored, providing timely warning and real-time protection, improving machine stability and scanning success, reducing operating risk and equipment maintenance costs.

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