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ThermoFlash, the third and latest generation of infrared thermometers.
Le ThermoFlash LX-26 is the quickest, the most reliable and the most accurate of infrared thermometers.

The ThermoFlash, is a unique thermometer that has the latest technological application allowing the user to take temperature instantly and without any body contact. With ThermoFlash LX-26, you no longer need to take a temperature through axillary, auricular, oral or rectal means.

Takes the temperature instantly
Immediate temperature recordings
Always ready to use
It's an unintrusive way of taking temperature without waking your child
It memorizes the last 32 temperature recordings
No sanitization is necessary as there is no body contact
It can be used on the elderly and on those with reduced mobility
It can also be used to check the temperature of a feeding bottle, of bath water, and numerous other temperature related elements.

Normal operation conditions >>> 10° C ~ 40°C
Humidity ratio >>> + 85%
Power >>> DC3 V (2 batteries AA)
Dimensions >>> 206 x 150 x 48 mm (LxlxH)
Weight >>> 220 g
Temperature display >>> °F or °C
Display resolution >>> 0,1 °C
Body mode >>> from 32° to 42.9° C
Surface Temperature mode >>> from 0° to 60°C
Power consumption >>> + 50 mW
Accuracy >>> ±0,2 °C
Measurement distance >>> 5 cm (2in)
Auto-stop >>> 5 sec
Warranty >>> 2 years /40 000 recordings

  ThermoFlash LX-26